English professor Sarah Mayfield says "Until I started working with Kathy, I was a random exerciser and Weight Watcher recidivist.  Since she has been training me, I have become more 'intelligently' active and mostly broken a couple of bad snacking habits.

"Kathy has shown me that my fitness work does not have to be rigid, but it can have balance.  I was active at the beginning of our training—walking the dog, taking tai chi, running occasionally—but I was also flabby, overweight and constantly snacking.  The strength training, core toning, and stretching have rounded out the other activities.  Stomping around and doing 'Kathy exercises' to workout-dance music make me feel good, not sweaty and exhausted.  This type of exercise reduces stress so much that I don’t crave sweets as often. Kathy’s nutritional suggestions have helped me first modify and then (mostly) eliminate the snacks.

"Without actively dieting, I am 11 pounds lighter and eight inches firmer than I was seven months ago.  During our training time, Kathy shares her extensive knowledge of how my body works, shows me new exercises, and helps me modify the ones I invent.  She suggested, for example, that throwing hand weights around as if they were pom-poms could hurt me, and besides, it didn’t really exercise the muscles.  A true mentor, Kathy pays attention to me and knows when I need common sense guidance.  I am fortunate to be working with her."


Book author Nancy Dorman-Hickson says "I am a reluctant exerciser. But Kathy removed all of my excuses for not getting into shape. I was thrilled to find a trainer at a reasonable price who was willing to come to my home, bringing her own exercise equipment.

"Miracle of miracles, her cheerful enthusiasm and winning personality even make our sessions enjoyable! She gentle guides me and coaches me in an exercise regimen that does not overwhelm but challenges me to grow stronger with every donkey kick and core crunch.  Two thumbs up for Kathy!"

Retired public health research director Myra Crawford says "After years of running in my youth, I was left with a torn meniscus and cranky knees that had no cartilage and were banging bone on bone. I was determined to not be an old lady having to push myself up by my arms to get out of a chair, and I didn’t want surgery, so I began exercising on a regular basis. But then I injured my right leg in a fall on last winter’s ice. Just as it healed and I thought I could return to my former fitness regimen, I injured my left knee. In nine months of forced inactivity, my cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength were fading fast. I was devastated. Then Kathy came into my life. Literally, into my home.

"Kathy walked in my front door with a crate of bands and yoga mats and weights. Most of all, she came with a bright smile and a reluctance to let my complaining that I hurt, or the cracking and crunching of my knees, deter her determination that I get moving again. After two months of her strength and flexibility training program, I can get down on the floor and up again without wanting to cry. Kathy encourages me with funny stories and the latest tips on fitness and good health. She tailors the workout routines to my limitations, while encouraging me toward new goals. She shows up promptly and works with my busy schedule when we need to reschedule. Kathy is a treasure. And, she comes delivered to my front door."
Medical editor Peggy Gargis says "Kathy's exercise classes have freed me from much of the grip of fibromyalgia. I know I'll never be rid of fibro, but being able to raise myself from a chair without pushing up with my arms (and experiencing great pain) is due to the increased leg strength I've gained in Kathy's classes. I have better mobility, better balance, and fewer pounds on me than before I started Kathy's classes. As a bonus, her classes are really fun!"

Travel writer Annette Thompson says "Kathy delivers a one-two punch to knock out fitness goals. Her positive attitude and enthusiasm help push me to work out harder, and her obvious knowledge of exercises and physiology delivers the workout I need. Plus, she's simply a very nice person--someone I like to welcome into my home. I recommend her to anyone wanting to get a healthy workout routine started."

Stroke survivor Wayne Smith says
"Kathy (who I have worked with as my personal trainer at Dawson Memorial Family Recreation Center) is extremely professional and well trained. She's taken a personal interest in my progress (during stroke recovery exercise training) and is a pleasant person to work with. I've greatly improved while working with her and moved from using a walker to a cane over a matter of weeks."

Avid tennis player Vicky Marty says "I have participated in Kathy’s group exercise classes at Dawson Baptist Recreation Facility for a couple of years. Kathy’s routines are perfect for keeping all muscle groups toned. Her routines also offer a balance between aerobic training, and stretching routines critical for healthy physical maintenance in adults over 40. I appreciate her approach to lifetime fitness."

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